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"Live in Denmark"

    Vintage Jazz Big Band

VJBB CD 0501 (order this CD here)
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Laursen, Paulsen, and Sundby
in DR Studio

1. Sugarfoot Stomp (Oliver, Armstrong) Arr: RS; Solos: MB, JK, RS, BS 4.18
2. Vintage Clarinets O'Lee (Trad, Sundby) Arr. RS; Solos: LE, JK, PH 7.02
3. Mule Face Blues (Oliver, Nelson) Arr. Jack Calman; Vocal: BS; Solos: LE, RS, MB 4.00
4. Creole Love Call (Ellington) Arr. RS; Solos: MB, RS, PH 5.56
5. Going To Town (Mooney, Prince) Arr. RS; Vocal: BS; Solos: MB, LE, RS, LF, BL, JK, RS 4.32
6. Swanee River (Foster) Arr. RS; Feature: JK 4.59
7. When The Saints (Trad) Arr: B.Persson; Vocal: RS; Solos: MB, LE, MB, RS 3.28
8. You're Just My Type (Oliver, Davidson) Arr. MB; Feature: MB 4.15
9. Potato Head Blues (Armstrong) Arr. RS; Solos: JK, RS/SE/LF (Armstrong's solo) 3.13
10. Some Of These Days (Brooks) Arr. RS; Vocal: BS, RS; Solos: BL, LF, RS 7.22
11. Rent Party Blues (Ellington, Hodges) Arr. JK; Solos: RS, JK, MB 5.44
12. Take The A-Train (Strayhorn, Hendrics) Arr. B.Persson; Vocal: RS, BS; Solos: RS, LE, RS 5.39
13. One O'Clock Jump (Basie) Arr. RS; Solos: LE, LF, MB, JK, RS 9.02
Rolf Sundby (RS) - trumpet, vocal, arr.
Sluggo Eriksson (SE) - trumpet
Lars Folkerman (LF) - trumpet
Magnus Bylund (MB) - trombone, arr.
Peter Hallgren (PH) - alto sax, clarinet
Johnny Korner (JK) - alto/soprano sax,
                                   clarinet, arr.
Lars Elf (LE) - tenor sax, clarinet
Bert Slättung (BS) - baritone sax,
                                 sousaphone, vocal
Nisse Hinnerson (NH) - guitar, banjo
Bo Löfgren
(BL) - piano
Jörgen Svensson (JS) - bass
Anders Winald (AW) - drums
Recording Engineer: Poul Martin Poulsen DR
Mixing and Mastering: Poul Martin Poulsen DR,
Torben Laursen DR, and Rolf Sundby.
Producers: Poul M Poulsen, Rolf Sundby, and Johnny Korner.
Cover Photo: Mats Hallgren
Cover Layout: Johnny Korner
This recording took place at Ålborghallen in Ålborg, Denmark, on March 4, 2004 in front of a live audience (their enthusiasm can be heard on most of the tunes).  The concert was organized by Jazzclub Satchmo, Ålborg, and recorded by Danmarks Radio Nordjylland. The tunes are presented by bandleader Rolf Sundby.
    The music is a mixture of older tunes (King Oliver, early Ellington, traditionals) with tuba and banjo in a stompy rhythm section -- and early big band swing music connected to Louis Russell, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington, where the string bass is normally used instead of the tuba/sousaphone,  the guitar replaces the banjo, and the piano is exposed more clearly.  Also the addition of a baritone sax (doubled by sousaphonist Bert Slättung) gives the reed section a deeper timbre and the whole band a somewhat smoother sound.
   The clarinets appear in Vintage Clarinets O'Lee, a variant of Old Stack O'Lee Blues (a traditional tune recorded e.g. by Sidney Bechet in 1946), and in Duke Ellington's Creole Love Call. Tribute is paid to Louis Armstrong and Jazzclub Satchmo by one or more  trumpets in Sugarfoot Stomp, Potato Head Blues (where the famous Satchmo solos on the 1927 recording have been transcribed by Rolf Sundby to a trumpet trio), and When The Saints Go Marchin' In (a transcription of the well-known 1938 Louis Armstrong recording with the Luis Russell big band).  King Oliver's style of early big band jazz can be heard on Sugarfoot Stomp, Mule Face Blues, and You're Just My Type (beautifully arranged and excellantly performed by trombonist Magnus Bylund).
     Reed-player Johnny Korner is featured on alto sax in Swanee River (a Stephen Foster tune also titled Old Folks At Home, published already in 1851 and Florida's State Song since 1936) in an excellent, semi-modern blues-gospel-funky style arrangement by Rolf Sundby with  ingenious quotations from Clark Terry's tune One Foot In The Gutter (using the same chord changes) -- and also on curved soprano sax in his own arrangement of Johnny Hodges' Rent Party Blues (taken at a more relaxed tempo than the Duke Ellington recording from 1929).
     Tenor saxophonist Lars Elf plays some really swinging choruses on this CD -- listen to his unique tone and inventive phrasing on, for instance, Take The A-Train and One O'Clock Jump.
     The music of the Vintage Jazz Big Band covers several different jazz styles, and on this album you can hear the freshness and vitality of the band in front of a live audience.  Good music is created when there is a mutual and fruitful interchange between the musicians and the listeners.  We sincerely believe you will agree when listening to this CD.

( Johnny Korner )

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